Weapons Rule on this Ninja Turtle Shower Curtain

It is all about having the right weapons in battle and this artist designed Ninja Turtle shower curtain captures the fighting strength of these turtle titans in a unique design.

The four TMNT brothers, Raphael, Leonardo, Donatello and Michelangelo are known as much for their weapons as they are for their unique personalities.

The artist has taken their weapons arsenal and has presented them in a patterned style on the access to their secret lair, a N.Y.C. sewer lid.

TMNT Weapons Shower Curtain Look

  1. The artist has displayed the Bo, Donatello’s weapon of choice in its long staff form for defending as well as attacking — twirling it to block attacks.
  2. The Katana, Leonardo’s weapon of choice is the Japanese single edged sword, resembling a Samurai sword, light enough to be used with one hand and very effective in keeping criminals at bay.
  3. The featured Nunchucks belong to Michelangelo and are the two stick connected by short chains. These are his defensive weapon used to lock joints and disarm others.
  4. The Sai is the featured weapon of Raphael. Often mistaken for a dagger, these “saitachi” are carried in pairs and are used for striking and blocking weapons in street fights.
  5. Colors are in black and shades of gray providing a neutral color palette that will go with any colors in the TMNT themed bathroom.
  6. The curtain measures 71-inches by 74-inches and features a 12 button-hole style top for easy hanging and insertion of your favorite color and type shower hook.

TMNT Sewer Lid Shower Curtain

Ninja Turtle Shower Curtain Fabric

  1. Made from 100% polyester, this shower curtain can be machine washed and tumble dried on a low setting for easy maintenance.
  2. The fabric itself is resistant to mildew and hard water deposits.
  3. As a premium feature, this polyester microfiber shower curtain is infused with a moisture repelling 3M technology that is stain and water resistant keeping the fabric looking newer, longer.
  4. Water “resistant” means it is not waterproof and will require a liner provided by you.

Ordering Information and Options

  1. As a premium artisan shower curtain this not available in any big box retailer and is only available for purchase online.
  2. Each TMNT curtain is made to order in the USA and available to ship to buyers in 3 to 5 business days.
  3. This same design may also be ordered as a duvet cover, throw rug, tote bag, and artwork as well as other options through the link below.
  4. This design has been signed by the artist and will make a serious statement in the bathroom of any Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fan.
  5. Pricing will be based on the TMNT merchandise you select and has not been determined by our review website.