Polyester Microfiber Fabric is Misunderstood

ninja turtle microfiber sheetsThose that feel cotton is king might not view other fabrics like polyester microfiber very favorably.

In fact, you might hear or read comments like “it looks thin” or “feels cheap” — however, microfiber might just be one of the most misunderstood fabrics out there.

There is no disputing it is a man-made fiber, but it is this same fiber that adds fluff to pillows and fullness to comforters and even stuffing to plush toys.

As soon as many hear the word “polyester” they immediately think hot  and non-breathable — but today’s polyester microfiber process is not the same as that of the 1950’s.

Technology has advanced to the point where a microfiber fabric content actually provides benefits in appearance, care and durability.

There’s Magic in Microfiber

Today’s improved polyester is a combination of “micro” fibers designed to work as a complex system. The result is a fabric that is soft to the touch, resists runs, stretching, stains and wrinkles all the while remaining durable, comfortable and beautiful-looking.

This fabric holds color better than cotton and resists fading longer — maintaining the bright vibrant colors or rich detailing you bought the bedding for in the first place. It is also costs less to produce making products less expensive for consumer purchase.

Did you know that a single microfiber thread is 100 times finer than a single human hair? Just imagine how many of these fibers are packed into one square inch of fabric!

It’s this entire network of  super fine resilient fibers that provides a soft, durable fabric finish.

Think for a minute about the maintenance of cotton fabric or a high cotton low polyester blend — most wrinkle in the dryer, shrink with repeated washing, fade fast, promote static cling and will often “pill” as the surface of the fabric wears — microfiber fabric eliminates many of these common problems.

Today’s synthetic, ultra-fine fibers are tightly woven together resulting in high quality fabric construction with a super soft feel.

Sheets made from microfiber material are breathable and both light enough to be cool for the summer months but not cold when sliding under a blanket as the temperatures start to drop.

They actually feel like a well worn, cozy t-shirt — and without the repeated washing some cottons need to get soft.

There are Bid Benefits in Microfiber

Comforter fabric shells, fill, sheets and pillowcases made from microfiber have some surprising benefits and are worth a second look when deciding to buy bedding sets made with this material. Here are a few:

  1. Microfiber is shrink resistant and a high-strength material making the product last longer
  2. Fabric from woven microfibers are super soft — almost luxurious to the touch due to the tight weaving of thousands of ultra-fine fibers — unlike other fabric that need to be washed several times to feel soft
  3. They resist wrinkles, mildew, stretching, shrinkage, abrasions and most stains
  4. Microfibers resist static cling when compared to other fabrics
  5. The colors stay true and vibrant longer
  6. It offers insulating characteristics yet is still breathable
  7. Perspiration and body oils pass through this fabric away from your body and provides a dry surface when touching your skin
  8. It is less costly than cotton or cotton blends to produce with savings passed to the consumer
  9. Plus, it looks great right out of the dryer!

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