Pastel 3-Piece TMNT Girls TWIN Ninja Turtle Sheets Set

This pristine pastel 3-piece TMNT girls TWIN Ninja Turtle sheets set are for the female fans of the fab four crime fighting brothers from the sewers of New York City.

Clear, crisp images of Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael and Leonardo are featured in action sequences from this hit animated Nickelodeon series.

Each is illustrated in soft pastels of pink, lavender, mint, butterscotch and sky blue on a bright white background.

Their images are accented with polka dotted patterns in shades of pink and rose, with a sprinkling of pink bordered pastel colored stars. Soft pastel shades also highlight a scattering of turtle shells.

The pillowcase is reversing and features Leonardo and Michelangelo on one side with a pink background accented with white dots and with Raphael and Donatello on the other with a white background and pink dot patterns.

This sheet set includes a single fitted bottom sheet, one flat top sheet and one reversing pillowcase. It is officially licensed Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise from the “Shell Tastic” collection.

It is made from 100 percent polyester microfiber which is a polyester fiber weave that makes the fabric super soft to the touch, right from the packaging.

Microfibers are thinner than a human hair making this fabric weave very strong as well as being stain resistant, static resistant and wrinkle resistant. You may also be surprised to know that it is BREATHABLE. These pastel girls TMNT sheets will wick away the perspiration of any warm little sleeper!

TMNT Girls “Shell Tastic” Sheets Set Facts

  1. This is a 3-piece TMNT girls sheets set ONLY and includes one (1) flat top sheet, one (1) fitted bottom sheet and one (1) pillowcase.
  2. It is from the Ninja Turtles “Shell Tastic” bedding collection
  3. The set will fit a standard TWIN sized mattress measuring 39-inches  by 75-inches
  4. The single Ninja Turtles pastel pillowcase fits a standard 20-inch by 26-inch bed pillow – the two pillows in the image are to illustrate the print on each side of the pillowcase
  5. These Ninja Turtle TWIN sheets are made from super soft polyester microfiber that is stain, static and wrinkle resistant
  6. The girls TMNT twin comforter pictured with this set is NOT included but is available for purchase separately
  7. This is officially licensed Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise that is made outside the US and imported
  8. All 3 TMNT bedding pieces are machine washable in warm or cold water and can be tumble dried on low to medium heat
  9. Avoid hot water washing and high heat dryer temps as this will damage the polyester microfibers
  10. Only non-chlorine, color safe bleach should be used, if needed
  11. This sheet set has not been treated for flame resistance
  12. Prices for this TMNT 3-piece TWIN collection for girls are set by the supplier and not this review website
  13. Prices will vary based on availability and popularity of the merchandise