How to Clean a Ninja Turtle Comforter

teenage mutant ninja turtlesKeeping Ninja Turtle bedding in tip top shape requires periodic cleaning to keep up appearances and extend fabric life.

Cleaning your Ninja Turtle comforter or bedding is not hard and we’ve put together some basic not-so-Ninja steps to follow.

The amount of time your little crime fighter spends battling evil on top of his Turtle comforter will generally dictate how often it needs to be cleaned — that and any inadvertent stains or spills from slain enemies.

With normal wear — washing every 3 months or so is the norm.

Fabrics Tolerances for Washing, Drying and Stains

The material content of your Ninja Turtle comforter, quilt or bedding will determine whether or not is it safe to pre-treat stains in heavy soiled areas or direct spills.

Some ingredients found in pre-treatment products may actually FADE or cause colors to bleed on your Ninja Turtle bedding — a good place to start is with the bedding manufacturer’s directions. These can be found on a comforter tag sewn onto the bedding or printed on the original packaging.

A tip for drying your Ninja crime fighter comforter is to add a tennis ball or clean tennis shoe to your dryer to keep any microfiber, cotton or polyester fiber fill from clumping in the comforter corners and around stitching pockets.

Washing your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bedding in COLD water and on a GENTLE wash cycle will help keep stitching from unraveling thereby staying in place longer.

Washing on high agitation causes the stitching to wear prematurely. This will also cause fabric wear in the areas punctured by thread needles like the seam edges and comforter quilting patterns.

Lastly, most Ninja Turtle comforters and quilts use a fiber fill consisting of 100 percent polyester or a microfiber polyester blend.

These man-made materials can melt or degrade under high dryer heat or an iron. Placing your comforter in a hot dryer too hot may cause bunching, compress the fiber fill material or damage the comforter fabric.

It is recommended that a low tumble dry setting or air dry setting be used for both drying and fluffing.

Tips for Cleaning your Ninja Turtle Bedding

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